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Welcome to Alan Wong’s Restaurants! On April 15, 1995 we opened our doors and have since expanded to The Pineapple Room and Alan Wong’s Tokyo. A founding member of Hawaii Regional Cuisine Inc. (1991), Chef Alan Wong has remained committed to serve as an ambassador of this style of cooking — whether at our tables or as he and staff travel and prepare menus at events around the globe. The various ethnic roots of Hawaii continue to inspire new dishes featuring local flavors and locally grown products.

Through the years, at every new development, creativity, passion and good food remain at the heart of what we do. But as we’ve grown, we’ve come to learn that we are much more than just a restaurant. We’ve naturally evolved into a place of learning, appreciation and service to our community. We’re about embracing and investing in Hawaii — its land, its culture, its people, its future. There is truly an aloha spirit here in the islands and we hope to perpetuate that in all we do.

Close to heart are the relationships we’ve made with Hawaii’s farmers and agriculture industry. An important (and enjoyable) responsibility we have in the community is to serve as a link and advocate for local farmers, growers, ranchers and producers. This means, not only using their product, but also bringing greater awareness to the public. At our Farmer Series Dinners, we give people the opportunity to meet the farmers whose labor and love cultivate Hawaii’s land. At our recent Loca-vore dinner, our entire menu was grown or raised in Hawaii — challenging, but a success! Every component of the appetizers, entrees, desserts — even the drinks at the bar — all grown in Hawaii. The farmers personally train our staff so they are fully knowledgeable on each product. Our guests taste fresh produce side-by-side, taste the flavors of different farming methods, compare local versus imported, ask the farmers questions, try new products. We allow people to taste and decide for themselves — and hopefully recognize the benefits of eating from our local farms.

In this way, we embrace “Taste Hawaii” at every level — the ingredients we use, the dishes we prepare, the relationships we build and the service we bring. And, we look forward to sharing all of this with you!